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Many projects, multiple boards, one Jeski

With Jeski you can keep track of all your dev team's activity. Simply integrated.

Completely free while in beta

Trello integration

Jeski Integrates smoothly with Trello, Github & Slack. import all the boards your team are working on into jeski.


Progress overview

Have one simple view of all your teams boards & activities to see how they are progressing.



Save time by not having to trawl through every project and every team member's boards.


Why Jeski?

Jeski is a very light weight and simple to use integration tool which allows team leads to have a simple overview of all Trello boards, Github commits and Slack activity of their team.

Spot potential looming problems in your team early. Give credits where due and never miss out on the progress of your team.

Be connected with all boards without all the fuss and confusion

Get started with Jeski now. Simply log into Jeski and import your Trello boards and connect to Github with a couple of clicks.

Completely free while in beta